About Us

Story about Woodi Watches

Welcome to our boutique! Our passion lies in the design and development of new creative items. And wooden watches should be considered our first commercial product that we’ve started selling in our store. However, the majority of our products are sold out among our friends and acquaintances.

A year ago, after I had seen a wristwatch made out of wood, I got extremely excited about such idea for watches, I turned on the heat and made a decision to create something similar.

The prices for wooden watches are quite high, as most of the brands in the US and Europe put a huge margin on their products. It’s neither bad or good, because the buyers decide whether they should pay the extra money for the brand and fast shipping in their region.

Our team made a resolve to create the product affordable by all and sundry, due to the perfect quality-price ratio.

Delivery process.

In order to maintain a reasonable price for our watches, we have to send them directly from the warehouse of our partner whose area of responsibility is assembling the watches.

We offer the free shipping to any country in the world, all orders are shipped by air mail and tracked. Rest assured, all customers get an identification number to track their purchase orders.

In Conclusion

If you are eager to buy a stylish and high-quality product at a reasonable price and you have some patience to wait a little longer for the order’s delivery, in that case we shall be only too pleased to assist you with your choice.