Our story so far.

Our Company

Woodi Watches was born out of a perfect storm of a passion for sustainable wood watches, and a calling to give back, and make a difference in the world. Our customers are people who don’t mind taking the path less traveled and believe that doing our part to leave the world a sustainable place for future generations is a noble goal.

Our Mission

To provide high quality, sustainable products to our customers at reasonable prices, while maintaining a very high level of customer service. Customer satisfaction has always been our highest priority, as you are the reason that we are all here!

Our Watches

All of our watches are handmade, and after taking a look at our watches, it will be evident that a passion for fine craftsmanship runs deep at Woodi Watches. Every piece of wood is different, which assures that every watch is as unique as it’s the future owner.

Our Philanthropy

“Buy one, Feed one, Plant one.”
That motto sums up what we are all about. Through your purchase, Woodi Watches follows through on our calling to make the world a better place, by working with a couple of carefully chosen foundations that share our vision for the future.

The lofty goal of this organization is to end worldwide, childhood hunger. This is also very near and dear to us because we need to feed the young minds of the world so that they have every opportunity to do what they are passionate about in life. For us, that is giving back.

The goal of this organization is to plant a billion trees by the year 2025. This is something that is obviously close to our hearts, and we want to make sure that future generations have plenty of trees, and all of the benefits they provide for years to come. We encourage you to participate in tree-plantings near you, it is always a very rewarding experience.

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